Lottery winners的读前活动


           读前活动对于阅读教学的重要性不言而喻。一次好的读前活动可以引发学生的兴趣,为接下来的真正阅读做好铺垫。 我是这样设计Lottery winners读前活动的。

STEP 1  How can you become a millionaire overnight? (lead-in—-brainstorming)

There are kinds of ways to be a millionaire overnight, and of course students can think of lottery. It doesn’t mind if they don’t know how to express 彩票 in English. Then I write the word lottery on the blackboard.

STEP 2  Suppose you win the lottery , what would be your feeling? Can you use some words to express it ? What would you do with the money? (discussion—-group work )

This step gives students a specific situation. and stimulate their interest. In this specific situation students can use their imagination and feel in the same way of the man in the passage.   

STEP 3 Is winning the lottery always a good thing or it can be disastrous? Please read the passage given to you, bearing the question in your mind.

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