Pre–reading Activities for Lottery Winners


Pre–reading  Activities  for  Lottery Winners

Step :Lead-in

At the beginning of the class,the T will ask Ss some questions to arose the interest of Ss and get the Ss to be involved in the task quickly.

      Q1:Have you ever bought a lottery? If you  have ever bought one,what is your purpose ? 

       Q2:Have you got a large sum of money by buying lottery? If so, how did you feel  ?     

 Q3:Do you think what to do with the money from lottery?

Step 2:Discussiom

After the three questions, Ss will connect their real life with the future dreams. And   they will be glad to express themselves freely. At tis time the T  had better keep Ss up and go on deepening the theme of the passage.        

Task1 :If  you were  the   lottery winner, how should you deal with the large sum of unexpected money? Why ? Give the reasons.

Task2 :Do you think the unexpected money will change your life? Give three items that you may think.

Task3:Have you think of the disadvanges of what unexpected money brings us?

After the discussion,T will ask one of each group to present their outputs and give the proper advice.In this way,T can help Ss build the right value of money.

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