Pre-reading of “Lottery Winners”


Pre-reading of “Lottery Winners”

Step 1 A Free Talk ( Questioning and Answering )


Question: Do you want to win lottery ? Why?

Ss’ Possible Answers: With the money, I can buy a large house or a car. I can travel around the world. I can buy anything for my parents. I can invest the money and start my own business so that I won’t have to go to school. I can pay my own tuition, feed myself, be financially independent and don’t have to rely on my parents.


Step 2 Observing and Describing ( Pictures )

Pic 1
Pic 2

Pic 3


Step 3 Discussion ( Questioning and Answering )


Question 1: Why did Mr. Lottery in Pic 3 disguise himself with a hat, a pair of 
                       sunglasses and a mask?


Question 2: Compare Pic 2 and 3. If it were you who won the lottery, which
                       picture would you like yourself to appear in, pic 2 or 3? Why?


Question 3: Have you ever had the experience of buying lottery? 
                                     What was the result?
Text References about the bad results of winning lottery:
There are three big dangers.
First, there is the sudden fame. This can cause emotional problems.
Secondly, all kinds of people start knocking on the door. Winning money often means   
                  losing friends.

Finally, lottery winners usually don’t know how to look after their money. Very few invest 
             the money intelligently, so when the money is gone, the dream ends too!

Question 4: Suppose you have won lottery, how to face the sudden fame?
Question 5: If you become a super star overnight, how to live your life? And will   
                      you live a happy life?


Step 4 Giving background information about Lottery



依据和目的Aims / Purposes
To help the students understand the story.

2.To teach the students a lesson by reading the story. To make the students learn not
    only the dangers of winning lottery but also the bad results of making a fortune in the 
    wrong way, the consequences of getting sth. fortunately without effort and the 
    disadvantages of pursuing ideal and unrealistic dreams.




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